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on vehicles

Company Auto-Graf that is a professional contractor graphic designs on vehicles.

Service in the comprehensive car graphics and advertisements on public transport.

Car graphics is a particular advertising medium because of its mobility and range. In addition, advertising on vehicles in the form of a company logo and brief information about it, definitely increases the prestige and establish confidence. We have our own design office and printing house which enables realization of all orders- both individual and fleet. In large orders we guarantee free preparation of graphic design.

What give cooperation with the Auto-Graf to the company which wants to brand its cars:

    • certainty the realization of large orders in a short time,
    • certainty professional service performed by qualified personnel,
    • professional selection of printing techniques, the type of foil which guarantees lacquer's protection during the exploitation and the great condition of the lacquer after removing the foil after a few years,
    • using of first-class foil,
    • guarantee and repairable service vehicle graphics,
    • unique projects of car graphics. 



While choosing the color of the company's car we are doomed to lacquers' palette offered by the car producer . We can choose from a few and sometimes several colors of lacquer, including an extra cost for metallic or pearl lacquers. The additional cost of this kind of lacquer in the smallest car is about 1000 PLN , in the highest - even a few thousand. This is a similar or lower cost than the total change color of the car with a foil, except that the choice of color of the foil is practically unlimited.

If you are considering untypical branding as a unique color of the corporate fleet cars – we invite to cooperate!

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Properly placed marketing message is the key to the success of your company. Range of services includes performance simple graphics made by cutting plotter – e.g. small logo or website address - and placed anywhere on your vehicle (windows, car body).

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How to change a new, expensive, luxury car in an even more luxurious car?
We offer a total change of color! We offer a whole palette of unique colors and NEW - matt colors .
We offer you the possibility to comply matte tint practically in every color!


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