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Welcome to the world of large format!

Digital printing and large format solvent printing, UV printing on flat materials, advertising outdoor type.

Outdoor advertising banners

Frontlit – the most common material in outdoor advertising. Frontlits are used on a wide range of media such as shop windows, walls of buildings, exhibition stands, fences, etc. Material for single-sided printing. Printing width up to 5 m in one piece. Larger graphics are joined together by a heat sealing machine. Seals are almost invisible. The dimensions of the advertising graphics on frontlits are practically unlimited. We choose the materials to match the size of the graphics. The available materials are laminated and coated, and are certified as fire-resistant. The available basis weights range from 370 to 510 gr/m2.

Vinyl mesh – very popular material for large format graphics. This material has a lower basis weight and a lower wind and light permeability than frontlits. Conventionally used materials have a basis weight in the range of 270-370 gr/m2 and a B1 fire resistance certificate.
With a lower basis weight and air permeability, it can be mounted on advertising media with no fear that it will be damaged by the blows of wind. Our printing-office has the capacity to print large format graphics in pieces up to 5 m wide and to connect them with heat sealing machines. There are no limits when it comes to the dimensions of the meshes we are able to provide.

Blockout – material that can be printed on both sides, with a black separator in the middle, which prevents one side showing through to the other. Each side can be printed with different graphics, which provides additional possibilities.
The standard basis weight of the material is 440-780 gr/m2.
Used for indoor and outdoor advertising.

Backlit – vinyl material with high light dispersion, designed for indoor and outdoor use with backlighting. When backlit at night, the colours become rich and the graphics sharp. This material can be printed either single-sided with basic saturation, single-sided with double saturation, or double-sided with the so-called underprint. The media used for this type of advertising can be printed in one piece up to 5 m wide; they come with fire resistance certificates and a standard basis weight of 370-510 gr/m2.

Papers and posters

Citylight – paper for backlit indoor or outdoor graphics. It has very good light permeability, which, together with high colour saturation, gives it high contrast and results in a very eye-catching graphics (showcases at bus stops, light-boxes, shopping malls, railway and bus stations).

Our company prints papers with basis weight of 150-190 gr/m2 and a width up to 160 cm.

Display paper – intended for indoor graphics.
Our company prints papers with basis weights ranging from 130 to 220 gr/m2. Due to its basis weight and inflexibility, it is primarily intended for printing posters in high resolution. The paper finish is usually satin. The printout can be additionally coated with a protective laminate layer.

Photo paper
High quality glossy photo paper for printing high-quality photos and applications. Available in mat, glossy and satin finish, and with a basis weight up to 265 g/m2.

Blueback paper – for short-term and medium-term prints with the characteristic blue underlay (filter) preventing the previous graphics from showing through. Designed for OUTDOOR printing (billboards, posters).
Our company prints papers with basis weights ranging from 115 to 120 gr/m2.
Billboard posters offer easy application and a very favourable price. It's the cheapest advertising medium.

Self-adhesive films

Monomeric film – the most commonly used film, used mainly for short-term indoor and outdoor applications. When printed over, it is characterised by high saturation of colour. This film is mainly used for application on flat surfaces without any embossed areas (PVC boards, windows, walls, wall display systems, points' of sale signs and other applications on regular flat surfaces). Monomeric films can be either glossy or mat, with a permanent or removable adhesive, or with a white or grey adhesive. The maximum width of the film is 200 cm. Prints can be additionally coated with a protective laminate layer up to 160 cm wide.

Polymer films – used for medium-term graphics, in both indoor and outdoor advertising. Their main advantages are good dimensional stability, the possibility of application on flat surfaces and on slightly embossed areas. These films are, however, mainly applied on vehicles with slightly embossed areas.
They are available in a glossy or mat version, with a permanent or removable adhesive, and in a transparent version. The maximum width is 152 cm. These prints can be additionally coated with a protective laminate layer.

Casting foil – designed for long-term indoor and outdoor graphics. Due to its very good stretch parameters, it is perfect for car graphics with irregular surfaces and deep embossed areas. This foil is also suitable for application on materials with complex shapes. The maximum width is 152 cm. Available with permanent adhesive and positioning (tubular) adhesive. These prints can be additionally coated with a protective laminate layer.

Wall foil – intended for indoor wall decoration. The easily removable special polyacrylate adhesive used on the foil allows to use the printed foil to create unique designs on the walls, in the form of a wallpaper, letterings, décors and wall stickers, and more importantly, it can be easily removed. The standard width is 137 cm.

Adhesive foil – material for high-quality oil-free (electrostatic adhesion) stickers. Available in a white gloss and transparent version. Its main use is to create easy-to-remove graphics, labels, decorations on windows, glass elements, television and computer screens, household and audio/video appliances. It can be easily removed and applied many times on a clean surface.

OWV window foil – this foil is made of a white perforated outer film with a black undersurface and a colourless adhesive. This foil works perfectly as graphics on windows of vehicles, as a decoration for windows, advertising doors and shop front windows. Maximum width of 152 cm.

Translucent foil – intended for making graphics for light-boxes or other illuminated elements. This foil scatters the light perfectly which results in rich colours and sharp graphics when illuminated. Usually printed in double saturation.
Heat-resistant, available as monomeric or polymeric film. Maximum width up to 152 cm.

Wall graphics

Wallpaper with paper backing, non-woven – wallpaper on a paper or non-woven backing, intended for application on the walls by using standard tools for wallpaper application. Material dedicated for latex, solvent-based and UV inks printing. Glossy finishing. Photorealistic print quality. Quick-drying, scratch-resistant, has a B1 certificate of non-flammability. Available in a variety of structures of surface finishing.

Self-adhesive wallpaper – self-adhesive and durable non-woven wallpaper. It has a semi-permanent adhesive that can be repositioned. Easy to remove. Simple application on smooth and low-absorbent surfaces. Perfect for photo-wallpapers and stickers.
Dedicated for latex ink and UV print. Photorealistic print quality. Quick drying and scratch-resistant.

Latex paper – 140 or 212 g, mat, high-quality photo-realistic paper coated with latex, dedicated to both indoor and outdoor large format wall applications. Perfect for application on ground walls with standard adhesives for wallpapers.
Dedicated for latex ink and UV print.


Polyester 110-120 gr – used to produce high-quality promotional materials. It has a very high readability of printing on both sides of the material. Available in a version with a B1 non-flammability certificate.
Application: flags, beach flags, indoor or outdoor banners.

Eco Satin 140 gr – used for single-sided printing. Used to produce high-quality promotional materials for indoor display (boutiques, shops, showrooms, shop windows).
Application: indoor advertising, banners.

Polyester 210-250 gr – used for single-sided printing. Used to produce high-quality promotional materials mostly for indoor display (boutiques, shops, showrooms, shop windows).
Application: double flags, indoor and outdoor banners, aluminium frames, display systems.

Backlight 170 gr – polyester material used for systems with illumination from the inside. Excellent colour rendering and light distribution.


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