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Machine park

As a company we offer complex machine park, using which we are able to meet all the demands of our customers.
The entire production process takes place directly on the company's premises, therefore we provide rapid realization of orders based on UV printing technology , latex , sublimation , pigment , eco solvent.
We invite you to read more about our capabilities:




 park maszynowy - agfaJeti Tytan 3020   Jeti3020Titan FTR 18x9 tcm629-95103
Our newest machine printing in UV technology. Excellent print quality, impressive speed and exceptional opportunities for print practically all flat and roll media. The ability to print with white color, full field of printing plates in the format 305cm x 200cm, 1200 dpi resolution and production speed of more than 200 m2 / h should satisfy the most demanding customers.


 park maszynowy - durstRhotex 320   rhotex320
4.5-ton plotter to work in 24/7 mode. Its real production print speed is 72 m2/h. In the high quality mode it is 60 m2/h in real resolution 600 dpi. Print width to 320 cm on all fabrics embodying at least 50% polyester. Textile prints are environmentally friendly because they are made on the eco materials and with using aquatic, odorless inks. Prints achieve high density and very intense colors.


 park maszynowy - hpScitex 5100   scitex5100
The printing device in UV technology, so that prints are durable and better quality. The printer with a print width of 5m and production speed up to 150m2 / h, so that we shorten time for the realization of large orders. Max resolution to 720 dpi. The machine can print in mode 4 or 8 - color, while maintaining excellent output quality.
 park maszynowy - hpScitex 2750   scitex2750
Our next printer printing in UV technology. Print in mode 4 or 8-color with maximum resolution of 800 x 635 dpi. Print width is 3.2 m at a maximum speed of 110 m2/h.
 park maszynowy - hpLatex HP DesignJet 65500   designjet65500
Machine printing with organic inks (latex water-based). This is the only method of digital printing, which is certified that the product is environmentally friendly "Nordic Swan". HP DesignJet 65500 is a printer with a print width 264 cm. It is characterized by very high print quality - up to 1200 dpi and dye printing in 6 colors. In the internal applications the resistance to external conditions is for three years and up to 5 years in internal conditions. Most important element of latex technology is odorless printing! From now printing wallpapers for a child's room, or images to your bedroom is not a problem! The combination of organic inks and media for reprocessing provide a complete solution to reduce the impact of printing on our environment.
park maszynowy - rolandSolJet Pro 4 XF-640   roland XJ-640
Machine Roland SolJet Pro 4 XF-640 – this is the fastest plotter to the prints on rolls with max. width 1,60m. It has high-quality print with the maximum print speed to 102 m2/h. This device has the latest generation double-heads , the rolles system and a new design of the winder . All this makes print possible in high-quality at high speed. Roland XF640 combines the highest print quality with the speed and productivity.
park maszynowy - epsonEpson Stylus GS6000 epson-gs6000
Epson printer, perfect for photographic reproduction or limited edition prints. The wide choice of media gives great flexibility - from printing trade show stands, to high-quality signage or even fabric proofs. Fast drying ink and large capacity cartridges add to its efficiency and your output.
park maszynowy - minoltaKonica-Minolta Bizhub 421 Konica-Minolta Bizhub 421
Multifuncional laser printer
park maszynowy - minoltaKonica-Minolta Bizhub Pro C6500e Konica-Minolta Bizhub Pro c6500e
Multifuncional laser printer
park maszynowy - fotobaDREAMCUT XLD-170D   fotoba dreamcut XLD-170D

New Fotoba Dreamcut XLD-170 is the most comprehensive tool for cutting. Designed to work with the role and sheets, this is the perfect solution for finishing any flexible media up to 170 cm wide and 0.8 mm thick.

park maszynowy - graphtecFC8000 cutting ploter   graphtec FC8000

FC8000 series plotters are designed for the most demanding customers. They are characterized by high precision and cut quality. High cutting speeds of up to 1485 mm / s, the pressure of the knife to 600 g.  By dint of algorithm simulation knife active it cope without problems with corners and curves when cutting materials up to 1.5mm thick

park maszynowy - restJOPEVI J-239 Caro full-automatic eyelet machine   JOPEVI J-239-Caro oczkownica automatyczna

J-239 is a fully automatic device for eyeleting for banners, mesh and fabric. Equipped with two feeder of eyelets and washers delivers superb smooth operation and optimization of the production process and processing. The device is very easy to use, maintain, maintenance and safe for the operator. We currently have two such devices to speed up the process.

park maszynowy - restWelding machine Leister Uniplan   leister-uniplan
Semi-automatic welding digital machine offers professional finishing of printed PVC materials. The ability to smooth adjust the amount and temperature of welding air and the ability to adjust the shift ensures a convenient and comfortable work. The digital display enables adjustment the desired and actual parameters of welding speed and temperature. Welder Uniplan allows  to perform all common types of weld: overlap, tunnels, tunnels with reinforcement tape, flourished edges  into eyelets and to the curves. Our devices work with nozzles weld width of 30 mm.
park maszynowy - restLaminatting machine Kala Arkane 1650   laminator kala arkane 1650
This device offers single-sided lamination, lamination and simultaneous bonding to the mounting plate up to 50mm thick. The unique advantage of this device is a quick securing prints up to 6 m / min. The maximum width of laminate is 1650mm. Arkane is a highly efficient laminator with overhead with variable temperatures up to 140 ° C. This device guarantees the highest quality of lamination.
park maszynowy - restLaminatting machine Eco Elf 1600   laminator eco elf 1600
Laminator designed to cold and hot working. Depending on the used printing laminate protects against mechanical damage. Other advantages of lamination is an extension of the life of the print, giving prints more saturated and contrasting colors, the ability to obtain gloss, matt, satin or texture on the prints, the ability to protect against wall graphics (anti-graffiti), and protection against moisture, dirt and UV influence. Using laminator we paste up printed graphics on flat ground (pvc, hips, plexiglass, cover, and many others)..


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